In Episode 14 we discuss the upcoming Joker film and give our thoughts on the DC Extended Universe, we try to figure out who NBA teams will draft numb...View Details

In episode 13 we talk about the Disney-Fox merger and what the future for streaming services looks like, plus we look at the FA Cup Quarter Finals mat...View Details

Episode 12 is a special one! This is our first FULL TOP 5 episode and it's all about our favorite SPORTS FILMS, you won't want to miss this one!

In episode 11 we talk about the Champions League Semi-Final match-ups and weigh in on who we think moves on, we go over the good, the bad and the ugly...View Details

In this episode, Chuey recounts his psychedelic mushroom trip during Episode 9, we figure out why there was a massive swarm of butterflies throughout ...View Details

In Episode 9 of We Don't Know Stuff, we discuss a recent study by UC Davis about the effect of microdosing DMT in rats, we come to the realization tha...View Details

In Episode 8 we talk about LeBron and the Lakers recent struggles, we discuss Space Debris - how much is out there & how to clean it up, Chuey lay...View Details

In Episode 7, Winter has come to L.A. and brought the flu with it! Chuey talks about dealing with a sick kid as a single dad(1:35), we take a look at ...View Details

In this episode we discuss if Zion Williamson should shut down and prepare for the NBA Draft, Chuey talks about some of his experiences as a single fa...View Details

In this episode we talk about some sad science news involving NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover, we talk about Jürgen Klopp's record vs Bayern Munich, we ...View Details

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